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May 4, 2012

Hulk? Smash!

Hurrah, it's another Weter-iffic episode of the Fantasticast! But why is it Weter-iffic? Well, dear listner, it is Weter-iffic due to the presence of our latest guest-host. You may have heard him on Superman Forever Radio, Green Lantern's Light, The New 52 Adventures of Superman, or PADSMASH: An Incredible Hulk Podcast. He is J. David Weter, and he joins us for the seminal Fantastic Four #12, featuring ol' jade-jaws himself, The Incredible Hulk.

Following this, we stop off in Strange Tales #106 as the Acrobat causes mischief, mayhem, and the abandonment of something very important to the nascent Johnny Storm. And finally, we celebrate the publication of the iconic Amazing Spider-Man #1 by taking a look at the team's first ever appearance outside of one of their own titles.

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almost eight years ago

Hey Mike, Episode 10 was the nadir of the shouting. Andy got better at regulating himself, and I got better and editing to let him scream away without bursting anyone's eardrums!

almost eight years ago

Andrew, try backing away from your mic when you feel a raging rant coming on. It's utterly painful for my ears otherwise.