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Feb 4, 2017

Locational Coincidences

Hello, and welcome to episode 217 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four.

This time around, we're taking a brief look at Marvel Team-Up #40, in which the Human Torch plays second fiddle to Spider-Man, the Sons of the Tiger, the Big Man, the Crime Master, the Sandman, 2/3 of the Enforcers, and a dead pigeon. That's at least ninth fiddle, depending on how you're counting your fiddles. Oh, and he also flies away from the plot halfway through the issue. Spoilers, I guess...

We're also taking a look at the short-lived 1975 Fantastic Four radio series, in which a bunch of early FF issues are read aloud into a microphone and the fed through some ear-splitting electronic distortion. The series is perhaps best known for featuring a pre-fame Bill Murray as The Human Torch, as well as featuring Stan Lee as The Narrator (aka the person explaining everything because the plots were never adequately adapted for a non-visual medium). The episodes are freely available online, so why not give them a listen?

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