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Sep 14, 2019

Mr Fantastic Meets Scratchman

Hello, and welcome to episode 343 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four.

This week, the much-discussed Doug Moench/Bill Sienkiewicz Fantastic Four run gets underway properly. A game of hide-and-seek is interrupted by a small spot of demonic possession, and the Fantastic Four find themselves once again facing off against Nicholas Scratch.

Doug Moench, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Sinnott, George Roussos, Jim Novak, Jim Salicrup, and Jim Shooter present Fantastic Four #222 - The Possession of Franklin Richards, in which Franklin Richards gets possessed, Ben Grimm takes the subway, Johnny Storm does some Wacky Racing, Sue Richards has no concept of child endangerment, and Reed Richards... well, Reed Richards puts Hank Pym and Peter Parker to shame.


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Original artwork by Michael Georgiou. Check out his work at

Episode cover design by Samuel Savage.