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Feb 1, 2014

So, who like Latverian monarchs? Who likes cosmically-powered ex-world-eater heralds? Who likes surfing? Who would like to see all three combined, and served with a side-salad of granule-based supervillain? And how would you like if such a story were to be covered on the show in the presence of the Cultural Attache to the Embassy of Latveria (or whatever his title is)?

We think you all would, which is why Steve and Andy are proud to welcome back to the Fantasticast... Professor Alan Middleton! Alan joins us as we start our coverage of one of the most epic stories Stan and Jack ever told. Fantastic Four #57 is the first of four issues to feature Doctor Doom and the usurped power of the Silver Surfer. If you thought it looked pretty poor in Rise of the Silver Surfer, we three are here to show you how it should have been done.

Oh, and one of the biggest outtakes ever.

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