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May 17, 2014

Just Who Is Irving Forbush Anyway?

Don't ask us. We'll try to answer any question. Why does Crystal not use her powers in a situation which would demand that they be used? Why does Steve think that he can inflict singing on his audience on a semi-regular basis? And why The Thinker? But we won't even begin to touch the question of who exactly lurks beneath the saucepan helmet.

This week Steve Lacey and Andrew Leyland take their copies of Fantastic Four #70 and unleash the epic fight scene within. Reed Richards does to The Thinker the exact thing that Steve wants to, and Crystal is an integral and vital part of the story. Or she goes out shoppng. Take your pick.

We've also got some more listener e-mails, and a look at a few episodes of the 1967 Fantastic Four cartoon series. Really, what more could you want?

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