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Jun 1, 2014

Which Episode Number Is This Again?

(If you grabbed the episode and it was just Andy speaking by himself, it's now been fixed!)

It's episode 83 (we think) of The Fantasticast, and it's time for Steve Lacey and Andrew Leyland to lay some groundwork for the first true spin-off of The Fantastic Four. Issue 72 of the series prominently features the Silver Surfer, his alien morality and viewpoints, and a shedload of wanton worldwide destruction.

We're also reading some of our shorter listener e-mails, looking at what happens when a cartoon adapts a storyline with two actual female characters in the story, and Steve's least-favourite Beatles song. Oh, and we're also singing a completely faithful and accurate cover of the Dallas theme song, and damnation upon anyone who would suggest otherwise.

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