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Jul 19, 2014

Black Bolt On Acid

This week on The Fantasticast, Steve and Andy open the doors of the studio and welcome in Luke Jaconetti, host of Earth Destruction Directive and co-host of the Vault of Startling Startling Monster Horror Tales of Terror as co-host for this episode and the next. Given that Luke specialises in classic horror and giant monsters beating up cities, you'd have thought that we would have brought him on for an issue of the Fantastic Four that caters to his particular interests.

But... no. Instead, he joins us for Fantatsic Four #78, an issue that sees the Wizard rather rudely interrupt Ben's latest journey to his human form. His facial hair is no less horrific than usual, and h'es got rather a lovely pair of gloves with him. And the Wizard is the focus of his synopsis!

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