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Aug 30, 2014

Stan Lee Doesn't Understand Hypnotism

It's a bumper episode for the Fantasticast, as we cover two comics, one wedding, and a whole slew of responses to our latest listener question.

Steve and Andy are spending this week looking at Crystal's return to the rebuilt Attilan in Fantastic Four #82, as well as attending the completely legitimate wedding of Janet van Dyne and Yellowjacket in Avengers #60. It's a Jack Kirby and John Buscema feast for the eyes.

We also run down our listener responses to our latest listener question, as we attempt to find out if our audience is currently reading Fantastic Four. There's also a brand new Listener Question, and it's an unusual one...

All of this, and you get to find out if Steve knows just how many Inhuman feature strips there were in the Silver and Bronze Ages, when they were published, and how this knowledge (or lack thereof) affects his review of the issue.

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