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Nov 2, 2013

The Jack Kirby Collector has this to say about page 2 of Fantastic Four #49: "[it's] the exact point when the 1960s super-hero comics peaked."

The Encyclopaedia Galactica also covers this subject, going into greater detail about the impact of a second splash-page at the start of the comic, conveying the majesty and scale of the two characters portrayed.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy simply mentions that as the Earth is not about to be destroyed by a Vogon Constructor Fleet, then the events on this page must therefore be fictional, and can safely be disregarded. Unlike the Vogon Constructor Fleet.

Steve and Andy, however, find more to talk about in this comic than just one splash page, no matter how phenomenal that page is. There's the depiction of The Watcher, the arrival of the (original) Punisher, and the first meeting of the Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters. It's pretty good!

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