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Aug 10, 2013

Change, My Dear, And Not A Moment Too Soon

After 19 months and 46 episodes, Steve and Andy have decided to call it a day. Join us at the start of this episode as we broadcast live to the world to exclusively announce who the next hosts of the Fantasticast are. The betting has been hot, Rich Johnston keeps naming other potential hosts other than the ones who will be announced, and shortly, the secret will be revealed. Here's hoping all of the anticipation isn't in aid of a 30 second opening gag that ultimately changes nothing...

Hello and welcome to the 46th episode of the show. For real. Steve and Andy are trying a new way of recording, hoping to make Steve sound like a normal human being, and we hope you'll notice an improvement in the sound quality of the show.

It's a shorter episode than normal, as there's only one comic up for coverage this time around. So, we take a bit of time to trawl through the e-mails and feedback we've been receiving recently. Then it's into Fantastic Four #41 as the Frightful Four make their return with devastating consequences for the team.

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