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Dec 22, 2013

Happy Christmas, and welcome to the first of our two end-of-year special episodes of The Fantasticast. Once again, Steve and Andy are throwing the Lee/Kirby issues out of the window (not literally - we've proved over the past two years just how dangerous hardback collections of these comics can be) and are choosing two issues from across the length and breadth of the 53 years of the Fantastic Four.

Andy's selection is up first, and he's chosen 1981's Marvel Two-In-One #74, a Christmas-themed team-up between The Thing and the Puppet-Master. With script by Mark Gruenwald and art by Frank Springer and Chic Stone, this story features a guest-appearance from the best bovine midwife in the world - Bova!

Don't forget to answer our listener question of the month: We want to know your feel-good Fantastic Four reading experiences!

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