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Feb 23, 2013

Bad Horse, Bad Horse

He rides across the nation, the thoroughbred of sin, and when you eat that burger you'll be eating him. The food contamination sees his evil game begin. That lasagne, that nice burger, that hotdog might contain, of course, some horse (some horse), some horse (some horse).

Of course, if you've been ignoring the horse meat contamination scandal in the UK, then that intro means nothing to you.

This week's London Super Comic Covention-co-inciding episode sees Steve and Andy joined by Dave Walker of the Flash Legacies podcast. Dave provided the voice of Baron Hugo for our trailer, and having him on the show has been an ambition of ours for some time.

Steve, Andy and Dave dive into the origins of Diablo in Fantastic Four #30 before getting covered in gallons of paste from Paste-Pot Pete in Strange Tales #124. We also bid a very fond farewell to a battered and blood-stained vagrant-clobbering Fantastic Four Omnibus vol. 1.

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