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Nov 13, 2011

Hello, and welcome to the trailer for the Fantasticast, a new podcast cover the Fantastic Four from the very beginning. The show will go live in January 2012, with the trailer making a splash in December 2011. Please feel free to download and use the trailer in your shows. Let us know if you have done so at so that we can return the favour.

The Fantasicast is brought to you by Steve Lacey (World of Superman, 20 Minute Longbox) and Andrew Leyland (Heykids Comics).

Cast List:

Ben Grimm/The Thing: Michael Bailey

Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl: Angela Leyland

Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic: Jon M. Wilson

Johnny Storm/The Human Torch: Micheal Leyland

The Mole Man: Donovan Morgan Grant

Namor, The Sub-Mariner: Joshua Lapin Bertone

Doctor Doom: Charlie Niemeyer

The Puppet Master: Michael Bradley

The Impossible Man From Planet Poppup: Andrew Leyland

The Mad Thinker: Thwipping Boy Chris

The Super Skrull: Thwipping Boy John

Rama-Tut: Thwipping Boy Simon

The Hulk: J. David Weder

Baron Hugo: David Walker

Galactus/Narrator: Steve Lacey

Music: The Pursuit of Happiness by The Divine Comedy

All music rights are owned by The Divine Comedy. All rights to characters, logos and concepts are owned by Marvel Comics.