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Aug 4, 2018

At Long Last, 200!

Hello, and welcome to episode 200 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four.

It's finally here. The big one. The climax to the epic Reed Richards/Doctor Doom saga. The first truly impressive anniversary issue from the House of Ideas. Face front, True Believer - this is When Titans Clash. It's oversized, it's overpriced, it's overly-melodramatic, and it's really rather good!

Marv Wolfman, Keith Pollard, Joe Sinnott, Francoise Mouly, John Costanza, Mark Gruenwald, Jim Shooter, and Jack Kirby present Fantastic Four #200, in which Reed and Doom get to punching the living daylights out of each other, a statue causes a riot, Johnny fight some missiles, Alicia can't recognise Ben's voice, and Sue... er... well, the issue isn't perfect.

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