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Apr 19, 2014


It's annual season once again at the Fantasticast. 1967 served up two annuals featuring members of the Fantastic Four, so to avoid a super-sized episode (and to save Steve's editing muscles), we've split the episode into two.

First up for Andy and Steve is Fantastic Four Annual #5. This issue features guest-appearances from almost every friendly face featured in the series (but no Wyatt Wingfoot or Willie Lumpkin). There's also a three-page slice of insanity, pumped straight from the brain of Jack Kirby, and the first ever solo Silver Surfer story.

We also find time to return to our listener feedback, something we haven't done in a while. If you've written in to us but haven't heard your e-mail on the air, don't worry - it's coming!

Send in your feedback to, leave your comments at the libsyn site, or at Follow us on twitter, where we are @fantasticast