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Nov 16, 2013

Guided by The Watcher, The Human Torch ventures into sub-space to seek the only weapon useable against Galactus. Meanwhile, cowed by The Punisher, The Thing, Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Girl find themselves powerless against The Destroyer Of Worlds. Only the power of The Silver Surfer can halt Galactus's plans to devour the Earth.

Steve and Andy, even more unable to affect the seemingly unstoppable sequence of events, have to satisfy themselves with recording a new episode of The Fantasticast, covering the 50th issue of The Fantastic Four. Do come and join us!

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Kirk G
almost seven years ago

I think it is becoming clear that Stan is confused, or perhaps Jack is feeding him the wrong info, over the name of that region of space that the FF transversed in #37, as sub-space... now being refered to as containing bands of "un-life"...and next issue, Reed begins exploring as "The Negative Zone", which may not be the great barrier, but simply a sub-set of Sub-space...that distortion area near the portal. The concepts all get a bit muddy, but no matter how you look at it, Johnny goes on the first 2001:A Space Odessey drug trip, and then immediately leaves for college... Hmmmm... Also, I suspect Johnny was planned to go to college shortly after Reed and Sue got married, cause he's on the campus for FF #44 when Medusa kidnaps him and forces him to drive to Dead Man's Lake where he resurrects Dragon Man. That would put the last three pages of #50 someplace back there...