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Oct 5, 2013

Who Seeks The Seeker?

Hello and welcome to the 52nd episode of The Fantasticast. There are now enough episodes for you to listen to one a week for an entire year. But it's not just about obvious and underwhelming numerical facts!

This time around, Andy's got a cold, and Steve's taken advantage of that to create the most revolting episode introduction yet. We're covering Fantastic Four #46 (in Andy's case, in a liberal dose of snot), as the Inhuman saga heats up and we get to see just how much of a badass Black Bolt is. We also find out which international celebrity spoiled the end of Breaking Bad on twitter during the record (don't worry, that spoiler is not repeated). 

But most importantly of all, we launch our first listener question. We want you, lovely listener, to tell us what Fantastic Four stories you feel are underrated. When we (rightly) venerate the runs of Lee/Kirby, Byrne, Waid/Wieringo, and Hickman, which runs, stories, issue or miniseries do you feel don't get the attention that they deserve? E-mail us, tweet us, facebook us, comment us and let us know!

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