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Aug 24, 2013

Because Once Just Isn't Enough

Hello and welcome to the 47th episode of The Fantasticast. There's a strong sense of deja vu in the air today, as thanks to a recording failure, Steve and Andy are doing it all over again. So, for the second time, we're covering Fantastic Four #43, wherein an evil Ben Grimm does his best to help the Frightful Four defeat the Fantastic Four. We're also checking in with X-Men #13, wherein a slightly-brainwashed Johnny Storm does his best to help the X-Men defeat the Juggernaut.

Along the way, we discuss Omnibuses, the departure of Matt Fraction, the awesomeness of Karl Kesel, the un-awesomeness of the original X-Men logo, and we have special guest-appearances from every guest-host we've had on the show to date. 

There's also some singing. Sorry about that...

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