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Apr 23, 2016

Junior Comics Podcaster Deathmatch

Hello, and welcome to episode 176 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four.

Today, we're discovering just how cold it is in the hidden lands inhabited by a scientifically-advanced race of Bigfeets located just 50km away from the Great Refuge. Yes, we're covering Fantastic Four #146, by Gerry Conway, Joe Sinnott and guest-penciler Ross Andru. Given the cover, you have to wonder why they made such a fuss about concealing the arrival of the Thing in the story. And we do wonder.

To help us cover this issue, we're joined by podcaster Paul Spataro, co-host of Back To The Bins and Listen To The Prophets: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast. He's here to shame Steve by speaking with a true New York accent, and by revealing his actual first issue of the Fantastic Four. Spoilers: It's not this one.

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