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Mar 10, 2012

Like A Puppet On A String

This week, Andrew and Steve are joined by veteran podcaster Joshua Lapin-Bertone, formerly of Amazing Spider-Man Classics and currently of Clone Saga Chronicles, The Spider-Man Crawlspace and Bertone Beatle Bonanza, amongst others. Josh is a veteran of the Silver Age, despite not having lived through it, and was also the voice for Namor in our amazing trailer, so we couldn't wait to get him onto the show.

This time, we cover the first appearance of Philip and Alicia Masters in Fantastic Four #8, whilst the Wizard and his alarming choice of facial hair pop up to render a future retcon null and void in Strange Tales #102.

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Sphinx Magoo
seven and a half years ago

Greetings, gents! I'm slowly making my way through your episodes and I'm greatly enjoying them.

A quick note about the Wizard... I enjoy that this intro eventually led to his reinvention later in FF lore. It made me think about Superman and how people would complain that his rogue's gallery was not as robust as, say, Batman's or the Flash's or Spider-Man's. Superman's stories are filled with characters like the Wizard who show up once, puzzle our hero, and are never seen again. Rather, the Wizard was dusted off, given a new costume, and reintroduced as part of a team. Would that other Superman opponents were given this treatment more often! After all, if Paste Pot Pete can be reintroduced, there's hope for anyone.

Also, I love that the Wizard is so distinctively ugly. Truly a delightful design!

almost nine years ago

Loved the episode. As a long time FF fan, I have to thank for putting this out - I have really enjoyed them.

I was intrigued by the essays Joshua mentioned putting out regarding Alicia/Lyja. Are these still available somewhere? I would love to read them.