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Mar 25, 2012

S(&)M Studios!

Stephen and Andrew are (mostly) going it alone this week, taking a look at Fantastic Four #9, which gave us the first appearance of the classic Silver Age Marvel trope, the use of a film shoot to cover the plans of a nefarious ne'er-do-well! There's fun galore as the signal flare is used and abused, as Stan and Jack cram in a bunch of celebrity cameos, as the Human Torch faces off against a fire-proof tribe, and Ben and Namor get down to business in one of the best fight scenes yet in the book. And then there's Strange Tales #103, which has some mucking around in the 5th dimension (not that one...) in a fairly forgettable story that has already slipped my memory.

We're also briefly joined by Jon M. Wilson and J. David Weter of The New 52 Adventures of Superman to establish just what the heck went on with the last episode...

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