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Sep 7, 2013

Lo, There Shall be An Episode

Lo, there shall be a cover image. Redesigned by Sam Savage (more on him later) to better show off both the glorious Kirby cover artwork and the glorious Georgiou artwork.

Lo, there shall be a guest host. Sam Savage (see? I told you there'd be more of him) joins us this week to try his hand at speaking out loud. He does a pretty good job of it!

Lo, there shall be a coverage of Fantastic Four #43, featuring the wrap-up of the Frightful Four trilogy quadrilogy pentalogy wait, just how long has this story been going on for anyway?

Lo, there shall be an announcement about the future of the show that is completely genuine unlike the one where we fooled a couple of people into thinking we had quit the show.

Lo, there shall be an overly-dramatic and tedious joke throughout the shownotes for this episode.

Lo, there shall be feedback, which can be sent to, left in the comments below or left over at

Lo, there shall be an ending to these notes. Verily, forsooth, thou shalt listen to the show until I say thee nay.