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Sep 8, 2012

NOW It's Time For A Move Commentary!

Greetings from the Olympic Park in Stratford, London! Steve is away helping people with mobility issues to move around the park, sneaking into events, and meeting Oscar Pistorius. Andrew's enjoying the last dregs of his holiday. Between us, we've had minimal editing time, so we thought we'd take a different tack with this week's show. Instead of working through a couple of issues of Fantastic Four and Strange Tales, we thought we'd sit down and watch Fantastic Four (2005), and record a commentary.

Join us as we journey through the team's first (released) cinematic outing and see how we feel about the film seven years after its release. We also take a brief moment to evaluate the upcoming Marvel NOW (not a) reboot of the Fantastic Four titles.

No emails or trailers this time around, but we'll be devoting a bit of time on the next episode to catch up on our mailbag, so do send your comments and thoughts on the show, the comics, or even the film to