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Apr 26, 2014

The Ayn Rand Simile Or Metaphor Theme Song

Annual season continues and concludes here at the Fantasticast. Steve and Andy get to grips with Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4, featuring the latest team-up between the Human Torch and Spider-Man. Memories of Strange Tales Annual #2 are lingering, and with irrelevant villains,...

Apr 19, 2014


It's annual season once again at the Fantasticast. 1967 served up two annuals featuring members of the Fantastic Four, so to avoid a super-sized episode (and to save Steve's editing muscles), we've split the episode into two.

First up for Andy and Steve is Fantastic Four Annual #5....

Apr 12, 2014

The Great Latverian Bake-Off!

It's muffin week here in the Fantasticast tent. Will Mary Berry be impressed by Victor's blueberry surprise muffins? And will Paul Hollywood survive his criticism of Victor's cake density?

Will Steve Lacey, Andy Leyland and returning guest host Seb Patrick find a coherently-plotted story...

Apr 5, 2014

Sgt Fury's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Hello, and welcome to our special 75th episode* spectacular. To celebrate 75 episodes* of The Fantasticast, Steve Lacey and Andrew Leyland decided to invite a special guest onto the show. In no way at all was the special guest invited, and at a later date Steve discovered that this was...