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Dec 3, 2016

Contention Of The Revels

Hello, and welcome to episode 208 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four.

We're starting out trek towards the end of the month with some inter dimensional Thing v dinosaur action, in Fantastic Four #161. Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler and Joe Sinnott keep on escalating their interdimensional cold war / financial hostile takeover with the addition of the Fifth Dimension (sadly, only the fourth dimension in this story).

Nelson Rockefeller is President (hardly the most ridiculous choice, with hindsight), vikings are battle a T-Rex, Johnny's getting some inter dimensional sugar, and Reed has developed some upper arm pain that he definitely won't bother Sue with because (like the characters in The Flash) he's learned his lesson about keeping secrets. All this, and we discover what happens when the Collector starts collecting comics.

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