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May 3, 2014

I Wonder Who The Mystery Villain Is...

Episode 79 of The Fantasticast is here, kicking off a brand new storyline as the enigmatic and not-at-all-related-to-Airwolf Dr Santini arrives in town to mess about with Ben's brain chemistry. Don't worry - he's been invited! But a mystery villain who is not at all easy to guess turns up to throw a spanner into the works... with hilarious consequences!

Before all of that, Steve and Andy finally get around to answering the most recent Listener Question Of The Month, looking at your suggestions for the best issue of the Fantastic Four that showcases the team as you see them.

And then we go and launch another Listener Question Of The Month, because we like making you lot work! This time around, we want to know your favourite non-Fantastic Four Fantastic Four stories. Confused? Listen on, and all shall become clear!

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