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Jul 12, 2014

Bitten By A Radioactive Bottle Of White Lightning

(You'll have to wait until the end of the show to get that one!)

In this week's episode of The Fantasticast, Steve Lacey and Andrew Leyland encounter the following:

  • A Galactus so hungry he'd consider eating an Iceland prawn ring
  • A new addition to the Superman Returns title sequence
  • A Psycho-Man even more pointless than you might expect
  • The Silver Surfer trying his hand at reassuring a hysterical pregnant woman

All this, and more, as we cover Fantastic Four #77!

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over six years ago

Another great episode, guys. I think this story, with the grandiose melding of Psycho-Man, Silver Surfer, Galactus, and the Microverse was one of Jack's last serious attempts to do something major on this book, but as you well point out, he and Stan are on such opposing wavelengths that it's still brought down but their clashing opinions and lack of communication.

Sorry I haven't chimed in until now. Regular writer-in Alexander Adrock (my co-host on