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Aug 9, 2014

Ambush Bug In Judge Dredd's Clothing

It's a giant-sized episode of The Fantasticast for a giant-sized issue of the Fantastic Four. Annual #6 features the first appearance of the classic villain Annihilus, as well as the birth of Franklin Richards. To celebrate these milestones, Steve and Andy have invited a special guest onto the show - Al Kennedy, of the House To Astonish podcast.

Together, we examine the most in-depth exploration of the Negative Zone to date; pick holes in 1960s natal care, discover The Adventures of Night Optometrist, explore the etymology of Annihilus, take up residence in the Arenas of Crochet and Cribbage, listen to Anihilus Sings Barry White, play Star In A Reasonably Priced Fantasticar, and get the only Acrobat update  you need to receive.

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Kirk G
over six years ago

Hey guys, did you run a cast out of order? Or did you intentionally place the FF Annual #6 ahead of FF #80? In the Marvel Masterworks volume 42, it shows 80 appearing in print before/prior to Ann#6... but I'm not sure there are any continuity issues by reversing them. Certainly #81 follows Ann#6 for good reason...