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Jul 13, 2013

The Other Other Murdock Papers Podcast Podcast

Hello and welcome to the 44th episode of the show. This week, Andy and Steve are joined by Christine Hanefalk, writer of the The Other Murdock Papers blog and host of The Other Murdock Paper podcast. Why do we have such an incredibly awesome co-host who has dedicated large amounts of time and creativity to a blind lawyer who is definitely not a super-hero oh no not at all?

Well, Fantastic Four #39 is the first of a two-part epic featuring an attack from Doctor Doom, a powerless set of heroes, and a special guest-appearance from Daredevil! As well as this, Strange Tales #133 sees the return of the Puppet Master in a tale that... well... it's an issue of Strange Tales. 'nuff said.

All this, and singing, mispronunciation, impressions of Jackie Mason, some thoroughly filthy suggestions regarding what Reed can do with his technology, and a special appearance of Stan's ability to completely forget the names of his characters.

Check out this special post from The Other Murdock Papers here, and why not drop Christine a follow on twitter?

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